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Connectors and Accessories Frame

Rectangular profiles meant for connecting the legs of the system frame together with a pair of legs form a stable frame construction, which also support thin table plates. It also provides angular connections of structures, which are used for corner posts. Side openings allow connection of table plates width from 600 and 800 mm. Fixed and telescopic connectors are available.


Connector 600     ART. 30232   L: 510 mm
Connector 800     ART. 30234   L: 710 mm
Connector 1000   ART. 30236   L: 910 mm
Connector 1200   ART. 30238   L: 1110 mm
Connector 1400   ART. 30240   L: 1310 mm

Vzdolžniki Okvir - fiksni / Connectors Frame - fixed

Vzdolžnik- fiksni,kotni

Connector 1600   ART. 30242   L: 1510 mm
Connector 1800   ART. 30244   L: 1710 mm
Connector 2000   ART. 30246   L: 1910 mm

Angular setting 90°

Vzdolžniki Okvir - fiksni, kotni / Connectors Frame - fixed, angular

Vzdolžnik – teleskopski

Connector 900-1400 ART. 30376 L: 810-1310 mm
Connector 1500-2000 ART. 30377 L: 1410-1910 mm

Vzdolžniki Okvir - teleskopski / Connectors Frame - telescopic

Vijaki kotne povezave

ART. 30878

For corner installations of constructions a set of screws for connection is required (4 screws).

Vijaki kotne povezave Okvir / Angle connecting screws Frame

Podaljšek vzdolžnika

ART. 30247

In the consecutive mounting of table plates the leg is replaced with a couple of extensions.

Podaljšek vzdolžnika Okvir / Connector extension Frame

Kotnik – nosilec segmenta

ART. 30526
H: 40 mm / W: 53 mm

They are used for fixing the final segments.

Kotnik Okvir / Angle holder Frame


ART. 30846
H: 515 mm / W: 250 mm

A stable shelf (possible without the wooden shelf) offers a functional mount of the computer.

Nosilec računalnika Okvir / Computer shelf Frame

Nosilec predalnika Cubo

ART. 30092
H: 90 mm / W: 434 mm

It is used as a fixed connection of square profiles between a chest of drawers and the table plate.

Nosilec predalnika Cubo / Fixed supporter Cubo