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WORK legs are made out of rectangular, semi-oval profiles and sheet metal with welded central columns (T-legs). In between the columns a metal sheet is installed which is decorative perforated and allows the installation of guides to the conjunction that connects the legs. We manufacture fixed and height adjustable legs with levelling option. Provided for the use of table plates widths from 600 to 800 mm. Packed in a cardboard box (2 pieces).


Work T 600

ART. 30199H: 715 mm / W: 625 mm

Work T 400

ART. 30198H: 715 mm / W: 425 mm

Work T 600 HV

ART. 30201H: 680-820 mm / W: 625 mm

Work T 400 HV

ART. 30200H: 680-820 mm / W: 425 mm