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  • Column BOMA IRON

    We are introducing new metal columns IRON BOMA (Independent table bases). The products are already in stock and can be ordered from the independent table base programme (BOMA).

    For any more information, please contact our sales department.

    Column BOMA IRON
  • VOGA Lift Bed

    Introducing a new product - VOGA LIFT BED. The bed is designed for small spaces and apartments (studio, one-bedroom flats, cabins), where there is little space. When the bed is lifted under the ceiling it enables the maximum function of small spaces.

    VOGA LIFT BED allows in a few square meters of space an arranged multi-functional space (living room + dining room + bedroom + office or. home office). With a press of a button the electric mechanism raises the bed to the ceiling, in extreme positions electromagnetic switches protect the moving of the lift bed and thereby ensure maximum safety of the product. The greatest advantage of the lift bed is the fact that the furniture below the lift bed does not need to be moved. When the bed is lifted all the way up to the ceiling it enables more space, which is always welcomed in small apartments. The lift bed is in short, an indispensable part of modern furniture for small housing units.

    The lift bed is suitable for children's rooms, smaller rooms which are occasionally used as guest rooms.

    Tip: The ideal ceiling height for mounting the bed is 2.40 m+.

    More information on VOGA LIFT BED product page.

  • Supporter Hanger

    We introduce a new single and double supporter HANGER.

    The product is suitable for stores and presentation spaces (showrooms, etc.).

    Surface: white zinc

    VOGA Wall Hanger
  • LIFT

    We are introducing the new metal base LIFT with the possibility of height adjustment (from 440 mm to 740 mm). Height-adjustable base can be adjusted by means of the hydraulic cylinder, which is built into the pillar. Infinitely adjustable height base is controlled by a manual-lock handle. Recommended dimension for the table plate are up to 800 mm. The metal base is intended for tables where height adjustment is necessary depending on the current intent or use (eg. from club table level to dining table height).

    More information on LIFT product page.


    We are introducing the new independent base INOX TERRA in a new design. The new INOX design is intended for a standard plate Ø500 from the TERRA program, Ø80 pillar is made entirely out of stainless steel. Base plate - the standard from the program TERRA.

    Codes of new items are located in the independent table bases (TERRA) program. The base is designed for indoor use.