VOGA Veznik / Desk Bar

System Desk Bar

is designed for table plates of thickness 24 mm and up. Besides constructional connections and firmness the desk bar enables conductors and the capability of the metal bases.

VOGA Okvir / Frame

System Frame

enables stable support of thin table plates (above 10 mm). The connector in the connection with the table legs enables a stable under table construction and different shapes of compositions.

VOGA Hrbet / Back

System Back

is an easy solution for economical and professional office furniture with possibilities for change with the request from the client (backs).

System Kota

KOTA legs are made out of square or round iron pipes, which in the connection with the connectors from the system FRAME form a stable, aesthetical base. The legs have the option of levelling and are powder-coated.

System Solo

SOLO legs are made out of square or round iron pipes. The legs are powder-coated.

System Eltipla

With the ELTIPLA system, the height of the table can be electrically regulated, which enables standing and sitting work.

VOGA samostojne noge / Independent Legs

Independent Legs

Independent legs made from different cuts of the pipe are an economical solution for tables with a thickness of the table plates over 24 mm.

VOGA samostojna podnožja / independent bases

Independent Bases

in different dimensions considering a table plate with a central pillar enable a functional independent table base.

VOGA pohištvena podnožja / furniture bases

Furniture Bases

made out of metal, give the furniture with its stability the modern look and function for the time today.


System Wall

guarantees a nice wall arrangement in offices, apartments and shops.

VOGA Dodatki / Accessories

Accessories for all systems

The accessories are meant for all the systems of the program VOGA.

VOGA Lift Bed

In addition to our typical products (metal bases) we also produce products, which are finished furniture elements and accessories for living and working spaces.